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Leading Fire Extinguishing Company is looking for Business Development Manager for Bangalore | fresherz
Ideal candidate must be a MBA Graduate with Marketing Specialisation
The position holder will be accountable to:

  • Look after sales and operation of his territory.
  • Ensure that his Planning sheet is being filled correctly & logically on the 1st of every month.
  • Ensure that his field activities in SMP software are updated on daily / regular basis.
  • Make the Strategy for each and every suspect which is qualified as Prospect.
  • Make accompanied calls with his team members if required.
  • Ensure prescribed number of calls per day.
  • Give presentation to prescribed number of clients per month.
  • Generate prescribed number of Fresh Prospects per month.
  • General Administration at territory level to ensure implementation of company policies and schemes.
  • Ensure that every Proposal is being prepared in the E- Proposal Software and the same should be mailed to the client.
  • Product presentation to customers.
  • Understand need of customer and technical aspects of selling.
  • Coordination of FAS.
  • Develop Product knowledge.
  • Collect outstanding’s on or before the due date.

Establish and develop network of customers
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The story of Indian Footwear Icon Bata | fresherz

Memory of #Bata
Thomas G. Bata’s fondest memory of India goes back to when he was 12. That is when he first visited the country with his father and met prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru, who pinched his cheeks. “I still have that photo on my desk,” says Thomas, the chairman and owner of Bata, one of the most-known shoe brands in the world. Bata, the brand, is that one outstanding name in global shoe culture that provokes a story or memory in most people. “I remember Nehru called me over and hugged me when I was standing in a corner while my father was meeting factory workers. He gave me a sweet with letter-spacing: 11; ;varq (silver foil),” recalls Thomas.
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