How to prepare for mba Entrance Exams

MBA Entrance Exams

The importance of MBA Entrance Exams in choosing the Master of Business Administration (MBA) which is one of the most coveted Post Graduate Qualifications across the world. Graduates of all types namely Engineers, Science, Arts, Commerce, Doctors aspire to this qualification.

 As an MBA aspirant and planning for admission to top B Schools in India the first step for you is to know about the must take Top MBA entrance exams to get admissions to leading business management colleges in India in general / city of your choice for pursuing your MBA.

Preparation for MBA Exams

Before starting your preparation for MBA Exams, firstly one should know what are the most known exams one can take up given below is a list of some of the popular MBA entrance exams conducted in India and State Level.

The various Country Level MBA exams are CAT, MAT, XAT,CMAT, IIFT, ATMA, NMAT, SNAP, TISS, IRMA, IBSAT, TAPMIm, ICAT,MAH CET etc., and the various state level MBA entrance exams are ICET, KMAT, TANCET, GCET, RMAT,HPCMAT,PGCET,JEMAT,KIITEE,MP MET, VMAT etc.

You can explore more details by visiting the websites of the respective mba entrance exams conducting body.

Next how to prepare for mba exams, the very first thing you need to do is get registered for a MBA Test series. The mock tests will give you a rough idea of where you stand and what level of preparation was required. We would rather say, that your preparation more on mock based. MBA exams tests will help you to understand your aptitude leve, But speed here plays a very important role appear for timed tests which will help you to a great extent. So, when you take up for the final exams, you will find it more easy. – education & Employment

IIM Placements uncovered

IIM Placements

What people talk and what is project about IIMs placements and thr ground reality.
Objective: To show the truth about placements to the current and future students, the misinformed and everybody else by showing that the figures they see are representation of only 10 – 20% of the batch’s performance.
Issues to be addressed:

  1. Placement reports – tampered numbers, misleading words, publicity techniques


  • bloated salary figures
  • bloated name/number of participating companies
  • misleading using ambiguous statements


  1. IIM fooling students, pressure on students, recruiters exploiting system, DP


  • IIM’s rationale for high fees
  • IIM’s accountability for placements
  • Credit for placements
  • Pressure on students


  1. Placement Process Details


  • Placement Committee
  • Control Team
  • Involvement and Supervision of faculty
  • Format – Laterals and Finals
  • Numbering of slots and days
  • Company Presentations – WWR, Dress Code, Fines
  • Desperate Participation, Company Interactions
  • Duration of the finals process
  • Recruiters practices – misleading salary figures, processes, requirement for desperate participation


  1. How to change all this?


  • Faculty involvement
  • Standardized formats
  • Prioritizing studies over placements
  • Guidance and Support

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