Loyala Institute of Business Administration Chennai

Loyola Institute of Business Administration Chennai, Business Administration Colleges In Chennai Tamilnadu Nungambakkam

Loyola Institute of Business Administration (LIBA) –http://liba.edu , established in 1979, is one of India’s premier management institutes. Consistently ranked among the best business schools in the country, LIBA represents the unflagging zeal for education that is a unique characteristic of the Jesuit Society. LIBA is a Jesuit institution under the aegis of Loyola College Society, Chennai.

Courses offered at Loyala Institute of Business Administration

  • Banking Management
  • Financial Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • International Business
  • Marketing Management
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Retail Management
  • Financial Analysis

Loyola Institute of Business Administration College Campus : Nungambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Website : http://liba.edu

Service Engineer Job Openings in Bangalore

Hiring Service Engineer for Bangalore

Job Description.

  • Service engineers have to troubleshoot the problems onsite.
  • Investigate problems and recommend solutions Prepares activity reports on support activities.
  • Stay abreast of the latest technology trends May provide on-call support coverage via on call as needed .
  • Manages escalated customer tickets in a timely and effective manner.

Essential Requirements of the Role

Flexible in attitude and approach
Should have done ITI / Diploma in electronics/electrical
Should be tech savvy, enthusiastic and ready to learn new technologies
Strong self-management skills
Professional and smart,
Excellent hand tool skills
Ability to work professionally with all levels of client.

Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology

Srishti Institute of Art, Design & Technology
Art, Design and Technology Colleges in Bangalore

Srishti Institute of Art, Design & Technology (Srishti) – http://srishti.ac.in is a private design school set up in 1996 by the Ujwal Trust in Bangalore, India. It is currently one of the leading design schools in South Asia.

The Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology is a visionary, experimental and curatorial institute of media arts and sciences, that offers art and design education at the undergraduate, post-graduate and PhD levels. Srishti, as an institute, seeks to pull together the latest art, craft, and design ideas and practices from around the world and contextualize them in the emerging Indian context.

Certificate Courses

  • Creative Coding (Bangalore – 2015), (Trivandrum – 2016)
  • Creative Manufacturing (Pune – 2015)
  • Design and Build – Interiors (Pune – 2015)
  • Design and Build – K12 Learning (Bangalore – 2016)
  • Digital Film Making (Trivandrum – 2016)
  • Digital Media Production (Trivandrum – 2016)
  • Graphic Arts and Design Practices (Pune – 2015), (Trivandrum – 2016)
  • User Interface and Interaction Engineering (Pune – 2016), (Trivandrum – 2016)
  • Undergraduate Professional Program – B.Des, B.Cr.A – 4 Years.

Undergraduate Courses

  • Design (B.Des)
  • Business Services and System Design (B.Des)
  • Human Centered Design (B.Design)
  • Industrial Arts and Design Practices (B.Design)
  • Information Arts and Information Design Practices (B.Design)
  • Public Space Design (B.Des)
  • Visual Communication and Strategic Branding (B.Design)
  • Creative Arts (B.Cr.A)
  • Contemporary Art Practice (B.Cr.A)
  • Digital Media Arts (B.Cr.A)
  • Experimental Media Arts (B.Cr.A)
  • Film (B.Cr.A)

Post Graduate Courses

  • Human Centered Design (M.Des)
  • Public Space Design (M.Des)
  • Design led Innovation (M.Des)
  • Experimental Media Art Practices (M.Cr.A) (includes Electronic and Hybrid Art practices, Art Science)
  • Digital Media Arts (M.Cr.A) (includes Animation, Visual Effects and Gaming)
  • Further Details on the Postgraduate Program in Creative Arts (M.Cr.A) is available here.
  • Postgraduate New Humanities and Design Program – M.A. – 2 Years.
  • Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology, offers a 2-year Postgraduate Program in New Humanities and Design (M.A.)
  • Postgraduate Program in New Humanities and Design (M.A.)
  • Students may pick any of the following pathways:
  • Aesthetics and Visual Cultures (M.A.)
  • Network Cultures (M.A.)
  • Public History and Heritage Interpretation (M.A.)
  • Screen Studies (M.A.)