Should Internet connectivity a fundamental right in India | #fresherz

#Facebook co-founder #MarkZuckerberg, who began his two-day visit to India today, said Internet connectivity should be the fundamental right of all citizens of the country.
Delivering a keynote in the two-day-long Summit, which aims to make Internet access affordable for all, Zuckerberg said: “When people are connected, accomplishments are easy… Connected people have better access to technology, education and jobs.”
Batting for Internet that works for all, Zuckerberg added: “We want to build an internet that works for all and is an effort to bring basic internet services to all.”
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32 sets of twin children in One School can you imagine – Fresherz

32 sets of twins in one school #fresherz

Twin Children - FresherzParents in China are under suspicion of violating the one-child policy after an army of twins enrolled at a local school this year.
It’s double trouble for teachers at this primary school with an astonishing 32 sets of twins newly registered by parents suspected of using IVF to get around the country’s one-child policy.
Under China’s strict one-child policy, parents – especially city dwellers – face heavy fines if they have more than one son or daughter.
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Education and Employment

Education and Employment – Two sides of the same Coin
Two Sides Of The Same Coin: The Employment Crisis And The Education Crisis
It’s a well-publicized reality that job growth is not consistent with the increase in the number of college graduates, and the unemployment crisis is a major concern for many countries.
And yet, employers and business leaders are beginning to insist that their demand for talent is not being met by the current supply. A survey by the Workforce Solutions Group at St. Louis Community College finds that more than 60 percent of employers say applicants lack crucial “communication and interpersonal skills.” According to Martha White’s “The Real Reason College Grads Can’t Get Hired,” a large percentage of managers also say today’s applicants can’t think critically and creatively, solve problems, or write well.
You heard it right. Despite the fact that employers are in a position to have their pick of the crop, they still can’t find what they’re looking for – a fact which begs the question: Are we dealing with an employment crisis? Or an education crisis?
“It’s interesting to see how the definition of the skills gap has evolved from being so heavily focused on technical and computer skills to ‘soft’ skills related to communication and creativity,” says Janette Marx, Senior Vice President at Adecco Staffing U.S. This new talent gap, then, refers to an absence of attributes that are necessary for blue-collar workers and CEOs alike. According to Marx, “Educational institutions may overlook these elements in today’s digital age, but schools must integrate both hard and soft skill sets into their curriculums, which in turn will help better prepare candidates and strengthen our country’s workforce.”
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