Top Business Schools in India

List of Top Business Schools in India as given in Money Control

Rank Name of the B-School
1 IIM Ahmedabad
2 IIM Bangalore
3 IIM Calcutta
4 IIM Lucknow
5 XLRI, Jamshedpur
6 IIM, Kozhikode
7 IMI, New Delhi
8 IMT Ghaziabad
9 SP Jain, Mumbai
10 FMS, Delhi 
11 IIFT, New Delhi
12 NMIMS, Mumbai
13 XIM, Bhubaneswar
14 DMS, IIT Delhi, New Delhi
16 TAPMI, Manipal
17 Alliance Business School, Bangalore
18 BIMTECH, Greater Noida
19 Fore School of Management, New Delhi
20 IFMR, Chennai
21 Jamnalal Bajaj IMS, Mumbai
22 IIM Ranchi
23 Nirma University, Institute of Management, Ahmedabad
24 K J Somaiya Institute of Management, Mumbai
25 IPE, Hyderabad
26 LBSIM, Dwarka, Delhi
27 IMT Nagpur
28 Bharathidasan Institute of Management, Tiruchirappalli
29 PSG Institute of Management, Coimbatore
30 SIES College of Management Studies , Navi Mumbai
31 Goa Institute of Management, Goa
32 NIILM Centre for Management Studies, Greater Noida
33 ITM Navi Mumbai
34 BIMM, Pune
35 Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow
36 School of Management, KIIT University, Bhubaneswar
37 DMS, Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad
38 SCMS- Cochin
39 Apeejay School of Management, New Delhi
40 DMS, NIT, Tiruchirappalli
41 Gitam School of International Business , Visakhapatnam
42 Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida
43 Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology, Pune
44 Rajagiri Centre for Business Studies, Rajagiri, Cochin
45 IFIM Business School, Bangalore
46 Acharya Institute of Management and Sciences, Bangalore
47 N L Dalmia Institute of Management, Mumbai
48 RCM, Bhubaneswar
49 JIMS, Rohini, New Delhi
50 Siva Sivani Institute of Management, Secunderabad
** The above ranking has been arrived at, on the basis of many parameters namely ‘Intellectual Capital’, ‘Placement Performance’, ‘Infracstuture & Facilities’, ‘Industry Interface’, ‘International Linkages’ and ‘Recruiter Satisfaction’.
In addition to this there are several upcoming Business Schools in Bangalore
1. ISBResarch
2. Millennium School of Business (
3. Ramaiah institute of Management Studies
4. Christ University

What Business Schools can learn from Mark Zukerberg

What Business School students can learn from Mark Zukerberg

Mark Zuckerberg is a success story like no one else’s! The founder of the most popular social networking site, Facebook, Zuckerberg is a self made billionaire with his assets estimated to be around 4 billion dollars! He had created Facebook from his Harvard dorm with a few other friends in 2004 and in a span of seven years, the number of registered users have grown remarkably to an astonishing 500 million users as of 2011!
However, his success did not come overnight and it is only because of his shrewd business policies that he was able to reach where he is right now. So, let us now examine the top 10 skills that one can learn and be inspired from Zuckerberg’s success story:

  1. Have a dream – Mark Zuckerberg’s journey to success began as a dream and a burning desire. This is what most successful entrepreneurs do – take some time off from their day to day activities and problems and sit back and dream about their future. As a Business School student you must give yourself time to dream and visualize a future that you want and only then will you feel the desire to achieve it.
  2. Be passionate about it and do it yourself – Be passionate about your dream! Zuckerberg was, he used to stay awake the entire night programming codes while all his friends were partying and now look at the result!, Your passion drives the Business
  3. Think long term – If there is one lesson that every entrepreneur must learn from Mark Zuckerberg, it should be – holding on to a long term idea for achieving success. Of course, not all such planning turns out to be successful, but thinking about the next 5 to 10 years will at least inspire the enterprise towards gaining a momentum and sticking to their visions. Business Schools should teach students on Long Term Vision.
  4. Be flexible and open to change – The main reason behind Facebook’s success was because of Zuckerberg’s flexibility and willingness to make alterations and changes to the website whenever needed. That is how your attitude should be open to change and flexible. Change is the mantra for Business Schools
  5. Think about development and not just about profits – Instead of aiming at profits, you should think of how to develop further. Zuckerberg never aimed at becoming a billionaire, he rather focused on how to improve Facebook. Continual improvement is one more important aspect of Business
  6. Pay attention to trends – Facebook has always kept up with the latest trends adding games, gifts and similar applications from time to time. This is a very wise thing to do, to integrate the latest trends in your own enterprise and only then can it continue to have the same appeal as before. Best Quote that would match with the above is when it comes to policy stand like a rock and when it comes to style be with the current, must be followed by Business School Students
  7. Invest wisely – You should know where and when to invest. Let us take the example of Zuckerberg’s friend, Eduardo Saverin with who had invested around $19000 initially and now his share has grown to almost $1.3 billion!, Yes learn taking calculated Risks in Business
  8. Be prepared for criticism – Just like every successful entrepreneur, Zuckerberg had had to face his share of criticisms too, be he refused to be bogged down by it. Instead it inspired him to work even harder!  Don’t get dis-hearted by Criticism, take it as a stepping stone in Business
  9. Stick to things that you know and are certain of – Do not wander into unknown territories and always try to remain within your abilities. That is exactly what Zuckerberg and his friends did, they all stayed within their limits and skills and eventually achieved tremendous success. This often happens for freshers who move out of Business Schools avoid it.
  10. Finally, believe in yourself – Self belief is an essential requirement for every person who wants to be successful. Zuckerberg had plenty of it and therefore he did all the initial work himself and did not just hand over the responsibility to someone else. Yes Do It Yourself to Excel, nobody else can do it better than you.

In conclusion, what really is extraordinary about Mark Zuckerberg is he surely deserves his present position as the youngest billionaire in the world because he had the courage to dream and the desire to chase that dream. He did not shy away from taking risks and stuck to his passion and that is how and why he emerged so successful.
Dream Big

MSOB: Top Business Schools in Bangalore | MBA Colleges in Bangalore| BBA Colleges in Bangalore| Millennium School of Business

Millennium School of Business

MBA Colleges in Bangalore

BBA Colleges in Bangalore

Millennium School of Business (MSOB) – is a pioneering Business School having campuses in Bangalore and Delhi – India, promoted by Educomp (India) Raffles Education Corporation (Singapore) for professional management education.
Millennium School of Business (MSOB) is dedicated to providing high quality management education with the fundamental objective of developing and nurturing a portfolio of personal skills integral to tomorrow’s successful business professional.
The institute provides students with an exposure to the corporate world and opportunities to shape businesses of the future. Our students are provided with opportunities to develop the abilities to communicate well across functions and cultures, solve problems, make decisions and lead teams: all essential for an effective management.
millennium school of business-campus
To be recognized as a leader of excellence in the delivery of multi-disciplinary programs focused on wisdom, employability and social responsibility. This will be achieved by focusing on three pillars of leadership-
Constantly evolving learner based pedagogy Innovation in academic and industry based research Collaboration with other centers of academic and professional excellence
Passion for Learning
Management Programmes
Master of Business Administration – MBA
MBA in Marketing
MBA in Finance
MBA in Information Technology
MBA in International Business
Bachelor of Business Administration – BBA
Bachelor of Commerce – B.Com
College Campus : Koramangala, Bangalore, Karnataka
Admission Website :
ADMISSIONS CONTACT : 080-43418825 / 22
Millennium School of Business (MSOB) is the fastest growing top MBA BBA Colleges in India, promoted by Companies Educomp Solutions (India) and Raffles Education Corporation (Singapore). Our vision is to be ranked amongst Top Colleges for MBA in Bangalore and Delhi India. / Top BBA Colleges in Bangalore India.
Raffles Education Corporation is a leader in tertiary education across the Asia Pacific region, and Educomp Solutions is the largest Educational services provider at primary level in India and several other Countries.

Promoted by Companies with

  • Presence in over 12+ Countries
  • Campuses in over 28+ Cities
  • Over 30+ Colleges Worldwide
  • Over 1 Lac Students Graduated

The guiding philosophy is to create innovative ideas, influencing best management practices and integrating them globally we are the fastest growing Top Business School in India offering UG and PG degree courses in India at the campuses in Bangalore and Delhi.
MSOB is emerging as Top Business Schools in India for BBA / MBA Admission in Bangalore Delhi India. We aim at creating an environment where the students taking Admission to MBA Colleges in Bangalore / Delhi or BBA Colleges in Bangalore / Delhi are exposed to an experimental learning which is a judicious blend of Theory and Practice using innovative pedagogy.
Having group presence in several cities Worldwide with our Management colleges for MBA in Bangalore / BBA Business Schools in Delhi / Commerce College in Bangalore / Delhi. Our aim is to provide students with a solid foundation of management principles and a comprehensive understanding of entrepreneurship and leadership in a global environment, thereby to emerge in the list of best Business Schools in Delhi,Top BBA College in Bangalore as a leading Institute of Management Studies in India.
Our excellent faculty members who come from corporate background with a passion for teaching with diverse and rich experience of Academic and Industry, who not only make our students excel in academics,just by teaching management definition but also make them placement ready on completion of their Degree
Our vision is to be enlisted amongst Top Business Schools Rankings / Top Management Colleges for MBA in Bangalore / College for BBA in India Delhi / College for BBA Admission in Bangalore. The Courses are designed to focus on providing the students with quality education that is integrated with core Indian values and humanity, courage, dedication and perseverance.
The ambience and serenity of a world-class infrastructure of our campus situated in the heart of the city of Bangalore and Delhi very near to the corporate offices of national and multinational companies gives our students the exposure to the environment which is required for the Best B Schools in India / Top Management College India offering Post Graduate MBA Courses in India our campuses are apt place for exploring job opportunities for BBA / MBA in India. The students who seek MBA Admission in Bangalore / BBM College admission in delhi / BBA College in Bangalore / B.Com Colleges in Bangalore / Delhi campus are provided with placements in Top Companies, and we are known for reputed MBA Colleges in Bangalore with best placement record
We offer MBA from AICTE Approved and UGC recognised Universities like University of Mysore / BBA from Bangalore University * / MBA Bangalore University *. The candidate applying for these programmes should have taken entrance exams CET / MAT / CAT / GATE / SAT / GMAT / CAT or admission to Business School in Bangalore Karnataka without entrance exams can be by applying to MSOB-MAT test at our institution candidates living in distance can opt for MBA online admission and the undergraduate degree / postgraduate programs apply before the last dates for Admission for MBA BBA B.Com. the degrees are awarded by the top Universities in India.
Our Colleges lists amongst the top BBA colleges in Delhi / Top BBA Colleges in Bangalore. We are the Business Schools in India that is best suited to your career aspiration needs from the list of top 10 MBA colleges in Bangalore. You will find all the details on our website to enrolling for any of these colleges which ranking right at the top 20 Business Schools in India Delhi India. Join the Best Colleges for MBA in Bangalore/ Colleges for BBA in Bangalore Delhi and build a path to great career ahead..!
The MBA Fee Structure / BBA College Fee structure in Bangalore is very competitive without compromising on Quality, at par with the best infra and facilities. Get your Admissions for MBA,BCom,BBA Degree College Bangalore in AICTE and UGC recognised University Top Management Colleges in Delhi India for Top MBA Colleges in Bangalore 2016 / BBA colleges in Delhi and experience the new age management programs,
To Join MSOB, download application form for MBA / BBA in Bangalore / Delhi and be a part of the Group with Global presence known to be the Top Management Colleges in Bangaluru Karnataka, Top MBA Colleges in Bangalore / BBA Colleges in Bangalore and Delhi India