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It’s Now Possible for One #Person’s #Brain to Control Another Person’s Movements
Here’s today’s fill of futurology.
Researches achieved brain-to-brain communication where one person was able to control the movements of another person’s hand by simply thinking about it.
The study — published yesterday by The University of Washington — involved three pairs of participants working together to play a computer game. Each duo was comprised of a “sender” and a corresponding “receiver,” who sat in a room a half mile away.
In the experiment, each sender was placed in front of a computer game that involved firing a cannon and intercepting rockets to protect a city. The senders, however, were unable to physically interact with the game. They could only defend the city by thinking about moving their hands to fire the cannons and intercept the rockets. Meanwhile, the corresponding receivers sat in a distant, dark room with no ability to see the game and their right hands positioned over touchpads that controlled the game.
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