The Best Colleges Facebook Pages

Best Colleges Facebook Pages

The first thing you see when you visit a college or university’s Facebook Page is their cover photo. So you might visit a college’s Facebook Page that features a beautiful, colorful, high-definition cover photo and say, “Wow, they did a great job with their Facebook Page.”
But, while the cover photo is certainly important, the very best college Facebook Pages go above and beyond simply looking good. The best ones engage their visitors with fun photos, videos, and campaigns. They cross-promote with other social networks. They include clear calls-to-action, and they guide visitors to specific initiatives the school is running.
What does a great college Facebook Page look like?
Boston College
University of California Berkeley
Michigan State University
George Washington University
University of Texas Austin
Susquehanna University
University of New South Wales
Boston University
Marquette University
Princeton University
McGill University
University of Georgia
Kenyon College
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